"Columnae" First Pavillon Speciale - ESA Paris

The concept of the pavillion is focused on the columns in the school garden.I Played with the size and scale of an ideal column that has been crashed on the garden soil and broken into peaces.The pavillion will be composed by 3 major rests of this fallen column.The external texture is formed by a combination of longitudinal openings and wood structure.This will provide lighting to the interior in a playful way that combines sunlight and shadows by confering a transparency to the original massive volume.   The pavillion was built in the courtyard of the Ecole Spéciale d’Architecture de Paris during a 3week long construction phase. Everything was assembled on site except for the steel structure. Foundations were digged in the soil where the structure was based. The external skin was composed by wooden bars fixed to the steel structure in a way that allowed sunligh to filter inside the pavillion creating playful effects of light and shadows through the skin.